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Default Small Business Websites Are Not Always A DIY (Do It Yourself) Project

I've designed and developed websites professionally for more than a decade now and commercially for about 3 years. One common mistake I often see among small business entrepreneurs is electing to build their own website.

Don't misunderstand what I'm saying here as some business owners are talented enough to pull it off. I always admire business owners who for whatever reason try to do their own website. Especially us men who have what seems to be a primordial instinct to do everything ourselves. The DIY attitude works well for most things from brake jobs to painting but when it comes to websites determination doesn't always translate to success.

Typically the inclination is to save money by doing it your self but if you count the hours invested, oftentimes wasted, and the frustration that accompanies the feat... are you really saving anything? That's not to mention the end result. Is it professional? Not just to your family and close friends but what about your customers and site visitors. Does the site truly convey the professional image your business or brand deserves?

I'm not here to sell websites. I'm here to offer professional website design & development related expertise however and will do so in these forums. Have a question? Post it here and I'll answer it. If you'd like to thank me you may do so by reading my article on my site here and sharing it with others in the small business community. 3 Reasons You Should Let A Professional Design & Develop Your Website

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