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Hello Everyone - Yes, I am a greenhorn and I'm about ready for a nervous catastrophy. I sure hope I can learn allot from reading what you all have to offer. Two years ago I signed up to build six websites from a company that travels all over the world selling this offer. I spent $4800 and my deadline was February 26th 2005 to get them all up and running. My first one was built last July, a joint venture with some wonderful friends who make candles. We have only had 5 orders and I'm "fit to be tied" wondering what am I not doing? I've been sitting at my computer so much, my body is totally out of shape. I can't even walk to the barn without getting winded. I have hundreds of emails from forty or fifty computer guru's, half of them tell me one thing and the other half contradicts what the first bunch told me. I don't know who to believe. My major question: Is it really possible to get in the top 10 search results without hiring a SEO company or spending major dollars to compete with the pay-per-click advertizers?

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