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Default New Business Tips

I'm looking into opening a online business and ran across a site that caught my attention. First off I'm a member on at least a dozen car and truck forums, custom rides, etc... I've had a everything from a muscle car, lifted truck, now to a more of a show truck ( at least it is to me ). Anyways I came across a wheel and tire website and he had at least two dozen wheel manufactures on his site and you could click the logo and it would take you straight to the manufacturer. If you wanted to purchase something he said to call him or email him for a price. This is something I've very interested in, but curious how that works...
Does he get the wheels and tires at wholesale price from all of the manufacturers? Do you pay a monthly or annual wholesale dealer fee? Any input would be greatly appreciated. I also tried calling one of the companys and he couldn't tell me much except I couldn't see anything under a certain price. He also faxed me a application. Just hoping I could get some more information off here.

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