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Originally Posted by *Curt_M* View Post
Yes, I've thought about Restaurant Deals, which seems a great idea. For the crowd I'm aiming at, I'm not sure at the moment. Which crowd would be best - I mean, it's a hotel off the Beach with lots of restaurants and such...not a very busy street also.

And what kind of nighttime entertainment would be good? Disco?
What else is nearby the hotel. Are there bars in the area to make it attractive to a younger crowd? You also have the fact that it's in a quiet street which may be appealing to an older crowd who may want that peace and quiet.

As far as the entertainment is concerned that's also dependent on your crowd. You can have shows and musical plays there, as well as singers to perform. You can also have a comedy night where you bring in comedians. If it's an older crowd then they would be into slow dancing, as well as game night.

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