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There certainly is general agreement in this thread that posting articles is useful. Personally, I am not interested in coming here to go somewhere else to read an article. I come to SBIF to meet, talk, discuss, ask questions and offer suggestions.

I can see the usefulness of posting an article as an adjunct to an SBIF discussion -- "this is what I think about subject, this is what others have told me about the subject, what do you think? - Here is an article that goes into the subject more deeply."

This way, one can join the conversation without reading the article.

I don't think it is beneficial to the forum to have posts such as -- "here is my latest blog post about 5 things you can do to boost business in the winter - what do you think?" One cannot comment without reading the article and thus members who do not wish to click away to read an article are excluded from commenting.

Too much of that and new members may not stay.

Furthermore, the article may have a lively discussion going on the other site, and taking SBIF members away to read and possibly comment there, is reducing the conversation here.

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