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Default 4 Best Ways To Make The Most With The Customers You Have!

If you have been in business for any period of time, you should have customers comming to your business to buy from you. If this is you please read the 4 best ways to make the most of what you have got.

1) Learn as much about your customer as you can.
I am not just talking about getting their name and address (which is extremely important) but understanding what they want. If you are in retail for instance, you should be able to add a service to your existing business. Adding a service can generate a lot of additional revenue to your business, but you have to be creative about it. Try to think out of the box.

2) Using the information you have gathered from your clients, you can put them on an informational newsletter about what new services or product you are offering. Keep this in mind however, people don't want to only hear about how great your business is. They want to hear about how you can help them. Benefits, benefits, benefits. They buy from you because you offer them benefits. Also you can tell them jokes, funny fraises, interesting facts, local events. Here is a free tip, for every one thing you write about yourself, write three thing about someone or something else. Lots of variety will stop your customer from dumping the letter in the trash.

3) Use your customer information to promote other peoples products. This is called a joint venture. If you have the customer list, find someone that has a product or service that fits well with your customer base and promote their service through your customer list for a portion of the proceeds. This is a fast way to make money with what you have, but make sure you can track the results. I would only do this kind of thing with someone that I knew and trusted because it is easy to be taken advantage of.

4) Use other peoples customer lists to promote your product or service. Make sure you give them their fair share. It is all to often that people rip off others not thinking about the future. I often give the individual a large portion of the proceeds for three reasons, they will promote with me again, they will recomend you to their friends that may have large customer lists, and it is the best way to get more customer information that you can leverage later in #3 above.


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