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Thank you for your sugestions, I like them all even if I have to think all over again about it. I'm very happy that people like you want to share their opinions and that is priceless for me. I wanted "Handyman" included in my busienss name, but on its own it was already taken, so I came up with number 24 which refer to my ability of working at any time if there is a need. I think it is fine because next sign after number 24 is letter H and can be read as 24H also it's easy to remember and say. I did ask people what they think when hear/see 24 Handyman, their response was almost same: "it says that you are avaible 24 hours" that's what I wanted to hear. I have closed this chapter and I need to focus now on tagline, whether change it or leave as it is, next step will be website. Thank you again Barry I really appreciate your comment.


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