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Default An update

Googled myself and saw this article I wrote. Its now 2012, my business is closed and I'm on some sort of black list that prevents me from any merchant accounts. Its a sad story, but its a story of big business picking on the little guy. I had 25K stolen by FirstData and have never gotten a penny. Looking back on some of the post, I see that most members recommended doing business with smaller, local institutions. My advice is to beware, as most of the use FirstData as a merchant services provider.

It turns out our main issue was we failed to forecast our sales properly and, as a result, when our business flourished we were punished. There is no regulation in this industry, there is no oversight. These clowns can do what they want.

2 years later, I have troubles getting a bank account because BoA has me on some watch list. I couldn't get a merchant account if I wanted to. All the while, iMarinePower passed audits from the United States Defense Logistics Agency, won several DoD contracts and never ONCE had any chargeback issues with FirstData.

Boycott these clowns. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM. Facts are facts.

Matthew E. Prude

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