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Default Sure - a T-Shirt expert would have done a better job then Jenn

Rather a T-Shirt expert set up an Online Site, Or a SEO expert? Isn’t that what we’re asking?

How much help does a startup need from a SEO - Alot!!! In fact, I'll retrofit a SEO to any industry rather then dream of taking a industry expert and tossing him/her online.

As you read on, what T-Shirt expert would have done what was done with ‘Thelactivist’?

Furthermore, what T-Shirt expert would have the resources that were used with ‘Thelactivist’? For some of us, those options don’t exist.

Finally, ‘content’ heretofore has included the product itself. What about those who’s content isn’t quite as glittery, or isn’t a novelty item?

Jenn I realize we are pushing the scope of your ‘30 day exercise’. However, for the exercise to be ‘real’ for situations similar to mine (am I alone here?), certain questions beg to be answered.

Rather then beat around the bush, I’ll offer up my current business situation as an example of the naiveté of the T-Shirt expert – ME! I don’t deal in T-Shirts, I deal in selling software, thus there are other challenges which are noted.

***My business is and live information on the website is available here... No the site is not a gambling site! The site provides tools that help people learn and play better Poker

SEO Tactic - Café Express Association

‘Thelactivist’ learning - Associate with established e-store.
Online Poker Tools application - ? Unaware of any similar arrangement available.

SEO Strategy – Back-links

‘Thelactivist’ learning
Buzz is buzz and buzz is good. “People link to our site because they like what we have to offer” Dutch marketing related websites linked to a T-shirt website is good. Small Business development websites linked to a T-shirt website is good. The Google algorithm understands that these are relavent links?
Online Poker Tools application
Given a product with less buzz, what should be done? No buzz, no good. Should we have faith in the Google algorithm understanding that most of the software being sold is written in C+ language, therefore a link from Microsoft is okay? I realize this is an extreme example, but with the penalty of the ‘Sandbox’ hanging over heads, where is this line?

SEO Tactic – Soliciting Links

Thelactivist’ learning
“Throughout this entire project I’ve asked for a total of two links. The first was the link from Jason Dowdell at Marketing Shift. The second was from a friend that used to run a blog”
Online Poker Tools application
“sending out zillions of requests for reciprocal links is unlikely to do you any good.”. Could you recommend any link strategy? Sadly, I do not have any friends relatives, aquantainces that have a GPR > 0

NOTE - Online Poker Tools heretofore has attempted to solicit approx. 500 back links from within the industry. This has resulted in approx. 6 or so good back links. Of these back-links, only one has registered in Google in 3 months.

SEO Strategy – Viral Marketing

‘Thelactivist’ learning
“It’s the viral marketing efforts that have really launched this project. It’s the half dozen parenting forums where someone that’s visited to the site made a post about it, or the parenting blogs that have started adding The Lactivist to their blogrolls…”
Online Poker Tools application
We’ve installed a BLOG and will be blogging to death. If BLOGs be the way of the world so be it. If I have to wade through pictures of Matt Cutts in his Halloween costume to get business, I'll do it! Now, if you you get Online Poker Tools on the Blogs in your MS’s Living circle…( ) Seriously, any thoughts on purchasing ‘Viral Marketing’?

SEO Strategy – Viral Marketing

‘Thelactivist’ learning
Utilize AdSense to generate cash flow.
Online Poker Tools application
Been rejected by Google’s AdSense program. Reason – gambling content. (sidebar – We wrote and told them that all content is Poker related and Poker educational, which is true, they stated,in sum-they don’t care. Also, if you do a Google search on Poker, you will find plenty of ‘Sponsored ads’. Their explanation is they were pre-existing in the system and are looking to remove them. Honestly. this is difficult to stomach. Poker 'Sponsored ads' have grown in number since Online Poker Tools applied!)

SEO Strategy- Keywords

‘Thelactivist’ learning
“Heck, the title tag of every page was still showing as “the lactivist” up until this afternoon. Is that proof enough that SEO really has been a secondary part of this process? And to note…while I’ll throw meta tags up just to have them there, they are far from the secret to search engine marketing success. I’ve never had a problem getting great rankings without them. (note…I mean keyword tags, not the title tag…title tag = moocho important!)”
Online Poker Tools application - This is quite stunning. In fact I need to break format to discuss this

A phenomenon exists amongst those in the know and those that aren’t in the know. For example, I happen to know Excel spreadsheets pretty good. Last week someone asked me how to sum up a string of numbers. In about two seconds I had remedied a problem they had worked on for two hours. What’s the point? The point is, you need un-told SEO experience to proceed as you state with no concern to Keywords?

Now, since you’re extremely more versed in SEO decisions, does that mean the time non-experts spend on these areas is not SEO time. Does this mean the week or month that we spend researching keywords, researching KEI, visiting NicheBot, daily visits checking rank on keywords ( not ranked for ‘online poker tools’ on Google for one year now… yeah, go figure,… and look at the ‘content’ of the listings that come up… sad) is time wasted?

Could you clarify ‘thelactivist’ strategy on keywords?

In sum, I would rather have Jenn, amateur Novelty T-Shirt businessperson / Expert SEO create an Online Novelty T-Shirt business then vice versa. By default, this means an Online Startup needs a lot of SEO help.

Does anyone agree?

I am personally vested in this. As mentioned I have labored long for little results. Fact - Online Poker Tools is the only site on the web that reviews over dozens of Online Poker Tools. However, do a search with the keyword ‘online poker tools’ in Google, and tell me what you see. I need to invest my time in more content? It's been this way for nearly a year. Please do educate me…Google, Matt Cutts, industry - I understand you’d like content to be king. From my view, for reasons explained here, it just ain’t so

This T-Shirt expert appreciates your time. Thank you.

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