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Default Thank You Johnny

Originally Posted by johnnylew View Post
I am so excited about what I was able to acheive in a matter of weeks as it relates to Adword performance I have to share it with this group.

In three weeks here are the numbers:

Conversion Rate improved 56% from 1.4% to 2.25%
Cost per Conversion down 37%
Conversions up 63%
Sales $ up 377%
Dollar per Sale up 131%
Vistior Value ($ per Visitor) up 203%
Click through Rate up 285%
Average CPC down 4%

How did this happen? What trick or program did I pay to get these results? None of the above. I took the advice of Perry Marshall that is so simple that I dont want my competitors to ever find out - but if they do my metrics are so good (Quality Score of 10/10 on most of all my ads) they can almost not knock me out without paying 3-4x what I am to get to the top.

Here is the secret - Break your keywords down into tightly fitted groups. If you sell figurienes dolls and stuffed animals, these become your campaign levels - not your ad groups - within your ad groups you are going to fit your keywords so tight that they relate to what your headline will be. If you sell 10 different types of dolls you will have 10 different ad groups.

Within the ad group write a headline that contains the keyword - I know nothing about dolls but if you sell a "raggedy anne doll" then your keywords in this adgroup will containg all variations of raggedy anne doll and this is your headline - if you cant fit a keyword into that headline - this becomes a new group.

Repeat this for all your kw's.

Now the second thing you will do is for every ad group you MUST create two ads. You MUST have conversion tracking enabled and the code Google gives you installed. If you dont - then you cant test - you wont know what your results are and you should basically not use Adwords at all.

Once you have two ads going - after 30 clicks on each ad your going to see which one gives a higher CTR - this is your best performing. Delete the one thats not as good and try to beat the best performing.

Continue this again and again and you've now created a system that feeds on itself.

Take care and let me know what results your getting!!!

Thank you very much for this information. Have a blessed day!

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