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At this time it is free of charge, but at some point is would be a fee for membership. The idea is basically what you have said a BBB for business owners to find information on customers. Many times business owners enter into a business relationship blind. This person might be a good customer who is fair and reasonable to work with and knowing that up front would provide the business owner with a little peace of mind. On the other end of the spectrum if you saw a customer who the Roofer would not work for again and the HVAC contractor didn't get paid in full you might think twice about starting a job with that person. There are lots of good customers out there and that would be of value to know that ahead of time. Just like there are a few not so good customers out there and avoiding a few (or even one) of those is certainly valuable. There is nothing worse than a mismatch between your services and a customer who doesn't appreciate what you have to offer. Customers have asked businesses to write good reviews on them so they can attract other good businesses to work with. End users are often saying how they can't find good businesses to work with. Well, a businesses would certainly be eager to work with someone who has good reviews.

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