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Originally Posted by rr151 View Post
Yep that is 400 words in 7 minutes including research by Jason Fladlien. I took this course because I was curious to see how that could be done?

He has interesting techniques. His favourite formula: 1 sitting + 1 problem = 1 solution. To find out more Google Jason Fladlien or 400 words in 7 minutes.

I have nothing to do with Jason. It is just one of many shiny objects I have purchased during my Internet travels.

I think it warrants mention in this forum...RR

To speak the truth it's not impossible, but it's neither possible to all, nor is is recommended on every niche (industry/niche).

While I had personally written articles in about the same time limit (8 mins is my best), I will neither recommend it nor will I make it a habit. And frankly there is no logic is rushing like hell, as your content plays the central role most online marketing strategies (more so for SEO and SMO).

You can surely write a 400 words article on a topic that you are expert at, but taking time will certainly improve quality. A great idea to achieve such a timing record would be to write personal experience after a bit of thinking. (but you should have mastery over word play to get started).

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