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Default Toilet Paper & Entrepreneurs: What Do They Have In Common?

Well you might just be surprised. Think on this for a moment:

If you’ve ever been in a restroom and the toilet paper is low, say only 3 sheets left, what do you do? You panic, you begin to search, you begin to gather bits and pieces in an attempt to build upon - basically, you do whatever it takes.
Can you relate? I imagine you can. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners have had days - times - such as that. And Michael Michalowicz, author of Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, made the connection between the two and developed his "3 sheet strategy" for business based on the concept.

This got me to thinking, just exactly how many have faced these situations in business and how have they overcome them? Have you found yourself at a place in life, in your business, where you've just done whatever it took?

If you have, would you care to share them with us?

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