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Default The exact Same Thing happened to me with First Data!

Hi I am a mom home based business and the exact same thing happened to me that happened to i marine business owner. I sell baby and children items in my web site at poshbabystore. and sales were higher than expected and I have to pay my designers to process customers orders. Its a mess and I insist to work and talk to William Broger to fix this. They have money on hold and wont release it to the customers i refunded because i need that money to get paid some customers have already got their product but I have yet to be paid for the orders. I am upset and frustrated. I demanded they close my account and refund customer but i got the same comments i marine did. But i am trying to work with them to get that money back into my bank so i can finish to process all those orders i have outstanding. Customers are now fussy. I hate it when companies have no transparency and think they can do whatever they want. I will give a update lets see if they will come to a compromise with me. Here to hoping!!

I didn't work with Bank of America just First Data alone in house.

Note: They did close my account but now the system is showing I am a high Risk blah blah.......

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