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Default Are You "Twittering" Out There?

"Twittering" over at is something new to me and I'm just getting the hang of it now. It's actually a pretty cool little function that you can use to follow what friends or business contacts are doing each day and Facebook even has a Twitter application for your profile page, too.

I'm slowly realizing that it's a great way to interact with people and stay connected to those around you - and also to expand the network of those around you and I've actually visited some great sites and learned a thing or two after seeing someone else "twitter" about it.

So, I guess that brings me to my ultimate question, which is: Are you twittering out there? If so, leave your address below so we can all sync up and see what everyone's doing out there.

If you'd like to follow me around the net, my Twitter address is: Follow me and I'll follow you. . . .what's yours?

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