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Hi Matt!
(Come to the dark side!)

Yes, there are tools that will manage multiple accounts. However, I'd rather not manage them at all. (I'm lazy like that.) So for my podcast and my blog, I'm using a WordPress plugin. It's actually really powerful and I turn off everything except notify twitter when I have a post. Unfortunately, the software I use to manage the site for my day job is not quite as flexible so I have to do that manually. The tricky one is the one for my conference. During the conference we run on a repeater so that any message prefaced with ZendCon will get repeated to all followers. The code worked great last year...hopefully there won't be any problems in brushing it off and using it again this year.

If you do decide to join us on twitter, here are two pages of twitter tools you can play with. (ironically, my favorite twitter client, spaz, is not listed on either list.


p.s. Thanks for I added the Nashville feed to my Outlook+Attensa setup. Finding old friends already.

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