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Talking Sex for sale.

Or rather, Sex sells...

Yes guys, it's the thing most people think about most of the time and the top keyword of any search engine. You did click on this forum the instant you saw that work didn't you?

Relate your business to this and it'll sure be having a good impact on your sales dispite a little bad reputation.

It usually works good with female models, posing and endorsing your products. get any person with a good personality to market the product and a good looking girl to actually Sell them..


Speaking from experice, I was once working in a 3 day PC fair selling CD-Rs. There were 3 sales person including me. The other 2 were a young kid and a girl with good looks.

The girl know nothing about computers. I know all about computers. Yet, the girl got 200% more sales then I did. How did that happened? I wonder!

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