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I'll tell you what worked for me. I spent years trying to find the perfect solution, from military white glove ready to 3x5 cards and all points in between. What worked for me is imagining that someone else would come in tomorrow and take my place.

It's not just the office space, it's the filing system, phone records, accounting practices and even passwords and access codes. Think of it as making yourself "upgrade ready." When your business grow beyond the walls of your walk in closet, having some kind of system or plan will play a key role in the success of your growth. All too often does the ship come in to greet an unprepared passenger.

Make it your own! The only system that will work is the one that works for you. You are your own boss for a reason right? Now you get to make those decisions and when you hire people... you get to have it done your way. What? You don't have "a way?" Well, that's my point.

Process procedures, customer contact records, billing, invoicing... the lot. Build your own process so you can hire, train and staff your office with a system that works.

No need to do it all today! Just do a little here and a little there until it comes together. You have too spend the bulk of your time making growing your business, but making your business work efficiently will actually give you more time to grow your business.

Alright... that's my 2 cents and then some... good luck.

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