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Change your habits
The lack of organization laid in our habits. You need to indentify yours and the cause you have that habit. Once you find these two things you are in control on them and not they in control of you. First thing you need to do is to stop it

Change your sentiments
The reason we get filled out of stuff on our space is that we fall in love of things, we do not know what to do with them or we want to keep it just in case it is needed later. You need to identify immediately whether you are going to need it or not. If you really need it or you are going to need it later, take the time to put it in the appropiated place. If there is not place for these thing create one in an organized manner. If you do not need it throw it away with no doubt.

Get a Time Organizer
It does not mean you need to contract a secretary but a way to have all your notes organized. Some people use PDAs (Personal Digital Asistant) where they keep all their notes but if there is not money to buy one, you can use regular agendas and notebooks. The most important things to organize are: To Do List and Calendar. Whenever you make an appoinment or remember something to do, take the time to go to these tools and write it. Do not use post it because if you did not have the time now, you will not have the time ever.

Identify your distractors
Most of our distractors are the Telephone, Messengers, Email and Visits. You need to have priority to the activities placed in your calendar. Ask people to stay away when you are busy. Any time you get a message through one of these media, filter them by importance. If base on its source person, it is extremately important, answer and let them know that you will be back to them later. On any situation, make a note in your To Do List that you need to talk to that person. You will be attending those people during the time that you scheduled in your calendar for this purpose.

Schedule your calls
Make room in your calendar to make calls daily. These are calls that you want to make or you need to get back because they were not attended when called them.

Schedule your filing
Make room in your calendar you file either daily or weekly, depending of the volume. You can put every thing on one place that is not visible (for example, not on your desk). You may use a box or one folder in your filer. If you have the time to organize the document, do it right now, otherwise put it in that place and organize it when scheduled.

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