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Where a lot of businesses seem to fail with social media is they are always looking for an ROI and conversions.

People on social media sites are being interrupted by you - as in they are looking "at" something as oppose to looking "for" something like with search and do NOT like to be "sold" to.

Social media is great for building a large audience and if done right can really build a huge following for your business. Some of these will turn into customers, others will share and link to your content which will increase your SEO, strengthen your brand and further grow your audience which will further increase the above and so on and so forth.

Think the biggest thing in terms of "fear" like this post started to address is lack of education. If business owners took the time to get properly educated in social media (which shouldn't take long or cost any significant amount of money) then maybe it wouldn't be the big scary world that lacks ROI that some believe it is.

Just my thoughts

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