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Originally Posted by MorpheusReturns View Post
As a business consultant here are the main questions I get from people looking to start their own business and also some advice I give them before even thinking about starting one.

Before you get started though, first things first. I wrote a book specifically to help people eliminate any subconscious blocks they may have towards money called

The Morpheus Protocol
Eliminate prosperity blocks, self sabotage and addictions.

Getting rid of any blocks you may have is the key ingredient to starting a successful business.

Here are some questions I get from clients who are looking to start a business along with answers:

Q - What is the number one mistake people make when starting a business?
A - Starting the wrong type of business. In other words starting a business that doesn't allow the person to utilize their natural talents.

Q- What is another mistake people make when starting a business?
A- Starting off under capitalized.

Q - What if some one doesn't have enough money to start a business but really wants to start one anyway?
A - There are things you can do if you don't have the money to start a business like putting together a business plan and approaching people you know that have money who believe in you to help capitalize the business. Also, if you have already started a business under capitalized and you are struggling, put a business plan together so you can see what your business is missing and fill in those positions with qualified people after you get capitalized.

I could write a lot more here but if you have more questions feel free to contact me.
I appreciate you helping all of us with questions. I will keep you in mind when i have questions

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