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Couple thoughts for starters ...

1) I think your assumption that the primary way to increase revenue is limited to traffic. While that is one factor, another is where your ads are place. See the adsense heatmap for reference. In your example, I looked at your halloween site and see them on far right. What about left menu area or front and center. What about end of page also so as people get to the end they have a place to click off your site? Just saying, the only factor isn't traffic and placement does play a (big) role. Also what about the types of keywords you are targeting. Do some keyword research. What are advertisers bidding the most on for your keywords. Pretty sure its not images. Not saying image searches are bad, but consider what other context area attract the highest advertiser bidding.

2) A natural to me, if you have had success and enjoy your previous experiences is to continue with the other holidays/seasons. For example valentines day? birthdays? mother's day? father's day? new years, etc.

Of course, many other areas are available. I would do it based on your interests and researching keywords with a reference to advertiser bidding.

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