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You do need a lot to really profit from AdSense or any other contextual ads.
I guess partly that is defined by what is 'a lot'. At the same time, I think while this is generally true there are 'a few' exceptions. At times, I've been suprised at the amount that can be made without what i would consider to be 'a lot' of traffic. In general this is not true, but if you really target the right keywords and get the right traffic ... well, just saying the standard line of thinking does usually apply but not always. To some extent, my own experiences/focus have never been to focus solely on traffic. But instead identifying quality advertisers and matching them as closely as possible with qaulity visitors. I truly focus on that versus overall traffic/numbers/a lot. For starters, smart pricing plays a role and I don't think I have had problems with a 'lack of conversions' by those advertising. Some times a lot of traffic follows along with that approach though of course also.

Focus on providing conversions for your advertisers, expand and all follows along based on my experiences.

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