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Originally Posted by Jayson88 View Post
You have only minutes to make an impact that results in sales... thanks for your input!
I reality it is just seconds.

Casually walk or stroll 10 feet - the width of a basic exhibition booth - and see how much time lapses.

The next time that you are at a trade show take a few minutes to watch the pattern that attendees walk. The average person will by-pass more that 50% of the booths because they see nothing of interest or possible see nothing at all.

When designing a booth I encourage exhibitors to imagine the impact that a bill board has to you when you pass it going 60 miles per hour Ė you either see it or you donít. The same design concept is necessary for trade show booths. There is very little time in which to make the initial impact needed to stop the attendee in his/her tracks.


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