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Arrow Using Your Intuition and the Law of Attraction In Business

We had a really interesting guest on The Small Business Trends Radio Show recently who discussed the topic of trusting your gut - using your intuition to make successful business decisions. She trusted hers on one fateful day and it lead her to the thriving business she now has.

She shared a lot of interesting facts regarding well-known individuals throughout time that have relied on their intuition to guide them along in their creativity and business ventures. One of which is Bill Gates himself.

Intuition is a primal gut instinct, built in for survival. When your pet senses danger – it retreats and follows its gut instinct. Humans are the only living creatures that ignore those primal gut instincts. We are the only living creatures that sense danger - yet continue to move toward it. . .

You can increase your intuition by — asking yourself an open ended question and then wait for information to arrive. Practice this by writing down your question on a piece of paper and placing it in your pocket. You will find that throughout your day, images may flood your mind, hunches may reveal themselves and flashes of insight will arrive. Remember, intuition contains a “fleeting” quality - do not dismiss fleeting thoughts. . .
On a related topic, another great show was one regarding the Law of Attraction to attract sales. Both of these topics go hand-in-hand for me and seemed to prompt some interesting responses from listeners as well.

The Law of Attraction states that what you think about most, you ultimately attract. It’s possible to entice customers to come to YOU, but positive thinking is only part of the process. Attraction comes from one thing - and that’s action. Trouble is, most sales professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs don’t know what actions to take.
So what do you think? Do you believe in intuition and the Law of Attraction? Do you have your own personal stories of how it has worked for you? Has intuition ever guided you in your business or personal life?

Staci Wood | Small Business Trends Radio | Small Business Trends
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