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I've worked in the Direct Mail industry for about 20 plus years, I've had great results using Millard (a division of InfoUSA) and Paradyszmatera. Both of provided great list opportunities. If you are a small to midsized contractor you might want to take a look at they have a direct relationship with Millard and can provide names by SIC code etc.

From what I understand Paradyszmatera is a reseller. I do know that they buy a lot of our(infoUSA) data. In my opinion if you want the freshest data I would stay away from resellers. Also you will have more success with your marketing efforts if you have the freshest data available.

infoUSA bought out Millard a few years ago. Millard is service that houses your list/data and will also do some brokering.

Just a few of the things infoUSA provides are business and consumer sales leads, data processing and also business credit reports. In addition we do email and direct mail marketing where we will mail/email out the your campaign for you. We also have designers on staff that can design either your mail piece or html.

Feel free to call me anytime. I would be more than happy to over any options we have that will not only fit your marketing needs but also your budget.

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