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Originally Posted by pm_softhub View Post
Wayback in my college days, my marketing professor used to say it, whenever a need or demand is non existent, the job of marketers is to be able to create a need/ demand for that product or service. Is this really possible?
Now this is something that will be hard to give an answer for. Mainly because it comes down to fundamentals and your own belief system. On one hand, people can believe that it's the marketer's job to create the need/demand. Same thing goes when training sales people. Some people believe that it's the 'job' of the salesmen to create the need/demand for the product or service. I find that utterly ridiculous.

Essentially, when people say that marketers and salesmen' jobs are to create the need or demand for the product, they are causing more issues and creating a harsher work environment for their staff. Take the first generation of portable phones. I'm talking about car phones here. It took years and years for these portable phones to be accepted and available for the public. Even still, the car phone never really took off at all. Tens of thousands of dollars were essentially wasted on development and manufacturing while they were desperately creating a need for their product.

Why any new business owner would want to go that route and create something that didn't fill in a need immediately is beyond me. Sure, treading water that no one has goes before has high risk high reward involved... just not a sure-fire way to generate or create a business model. Instead of me trying to explain in principles, let's take my actual business model for example.

I am an Offline Marketing Consultant that provides the typical website redesign and 'SEO' services. The typical website design company goes around and basically tells their prospects that their websites suck or it isn't mobile friendly and they need a new website from them. The typical SEO company tells their prospects that they aren't on the first page and you need to get to the first page to see more business finally come in.

What I tell my prospects is that every business in the world is in business to make money. Starting from today, I can set up a strategy that will allow them to increase their bottom line. And my guarantee is, give me two months and if you aren't making more than what we charge, please fire us on the spot.

The difference is, that I know 100% of my prospects always need more revenue. They always want to grow their business. They want more money. That's why they are in business. Even multi-billion dollar industries need more revenue. Walmart has shareholders that they must make happy. They have revenue and sales goals and quarterly quotas that must be met. I don't have to create a need for my services. They already need them. My job as a sales trainer and a business owner, is to present my services to be the best option for my clients to get what they want. If they won't buy from me, they won't buy from anyone else offering similar services. The goal is not to create a need or tell business owners what they need to be successful.

When you're a business owner, your goal is to become the best solution that fills a real need for your audience. When you make that transition, you'll see that change in your business. Sure, you can create a completely different need for your audience, but there's plenty of problems that need solutions without you having to create another yourself!

If you'd like a Marketing team focused on bring you more customers that ACTUALLY PAY you, message me today.
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