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I think you'd be much better off by doing the research for your pizza shop with a book from Self-Counsel Press or a trade magazine than on a forum like this one. Just because there won't be the level of expertise you need to guide you on these decisions. My parents owned a pizza place and my aunt&uncle owned another two - but I haven't got a clue on the equipment specifications other than the oven, the warmers, the walk in coolers, the prep table areas and the dishwasher...if you're doing anything other than pizza you'll have to have a grill and possibly a stove too. Then there's all the little things you'll need - fire extinguishers, aprons, dishes, plates, cleaning supplies...Plus you'll have to go through the health codes in your particular area to make sure you have everything covered on that end...and then there's the signage and menus and it goes on and on...

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