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Default Looking For An Investor

Good day;
I am looking to start my dream business in a doggy daycare. Currently, my town only has 1 true doggy daycare and the rest of the businesses are really just kennels; not a play area for the dogs. I would like to start my own but if not feasible, I would be willing to have a franchise. My only problem is, I don't have any money for startup. This would be huge if I could find an investor who could help me out by getting this up and running in exchange for a percentage of my business. In today's world, many individuals consider their parents part of the family and treat them like family when it comes to food, treats, exercise, clothing, etc. Many pets feel nervous or anxious when their owners leave and then their owners feel bad but know there is little they can do. This is where my doggy daycare comes into plan. My business would bring in dogs for a full day or half day of fun and the dogs would be excited to come day after day knowing that they get to play all day with us. Eventually I would evolve into boarding and grooming. But for now, I could start out with daycare. According to my resources, the pet industry is booming and is only going to grow more. Back in 2016, $65 Billion was spent and again, this number will continue to rise. Pet parents want the best for their animals and spending the day having fun is a great alternative rather than staying home alone.
I am looking for someone who has the financial ability to help me take this business to a success for both of us. I am willing to work 120% to do just that. Is there anyone willing to help me bring this dream to a reality?

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