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Default Misconception with SEM & PPC

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, the term is much broader and it effectively includes any marketing strategy that includes, involves or is dependent on SEs (Search Engines).

SEO is (often called Prefixed with "Organic") is a SEM strategy (on a larger scale) and it works by a set of strategies to ensure increase a website's visibility (SERP ranking) and traffic using Search Engines.

PPC: (Again another broader term that can also be included in SEM) on Search Engines, (Search Engine Result Page) is another tactics that works by displaying paid ads on Search Engine result (for a specific keyword). A great example is Google ad-words.

SEM - PPC misconception: More often (as with most other members here) SEM is often confused with PPC, but in truth SEM is far larger term that includes SEO and PPC (PPC too is a broader term and is not restricted to Search Engines).

Hiring a social media marketing company will help boost your business reputation and brand value.

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