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Originally Posted by bradmarcus View Post
This thread began with a line that still remains true. "Website owners have to invest in SEO efforts whenever they create a page on their site & this can never stop." Anyone who says that good SEO is less important or not important has an agenda. SEO methods may change based on algorythm changes, but the concepts are the same. Create a website that is visually interesting that offers good content and you will rank well. PPC is generating less and less clicks because the consumer has begin to understand which results on the SERP are placed and which are organic. According to Google, page 1 PPC ad clicks are down 70% this year over last.
I totally agree that CONTENT is king! Churn out good and fresh compelling content, and don't do anything stuipd, like 50,000 directory submissions, and sit back and smile!

We found adwords way too expensive for us. We clean tile and shingle roofs in a 100 mile radius of Tampa Florida. Competitors were killing us, by clicking away on our ads, costing us a fortune!
So, what we did was target every search term people use to find a roof cleaner in their area, and made blog posts on a dedicated roof cleaning forum, to target those keywords!
The SEO Clout of these blogs on the dedicated roof cleaning forum are incredible!
In less then a month, nearly every post we have made is near, or at the top of whatever search string for roof cleaning we are targeting.

Personally, I seldom click on adword ads when I am shopping for something.
We are always number one organically for the search term "roof cleaning Tampa"
I have watched upteen adwords competitors come and go this year alone.
The adwords do not seem to bother us at all, and must not be working well for our competitors here in the roof cleaning business in Tampa either.
Seldom does any local competitor in my area stay with the adwords, for very long

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