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Question Lookin For Mentor/Handholder

First I want to thank anyone who has taken the time to read this post.
I decided about a month ago to try my hand at affiliate marketing and got my self a clickbank account. But it seems every where that I put my links they get marked as spam , so I haven't had any success so far.
What I need is a mentor. Someone who can point me in the right direction and hold my hand for the first few steps and straighten me up when I wobble.
I work a 12 hour nightshift and due to supporting my mother and my family I have very little money to invest but I'm willing to do all I can even if it hurts , and I have little time after work due to exhaustion but I'm still gonna give it my all.
I need help deciphering all the acronyms and jargon and some pointers and encouragement maybe.
I don't have a website or a clue as to how to start one , I am a member t a few forums and social networks , will these be enough to start out ?
Do think my demanding work schedule will allow time for what I need to do?
I've seen several people claiming to make a living at this and I'm also curious is the living they are making is minimum wage lving or upper middle class or better?
So thanks ahead for any comments , I will try to make use of any and everything I can . I just feel a desperate need to succeed at this.

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