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Default Wholesale Vs. Distributor Pricing - HELP

Hello forum...this is my first post.

HEre is my dealio. I run a fairly large (seems large to me anyway) webshop for hair accessories.

I am just a mom doing this out of my house. I just buy em and resell em. Some stuff I make myself, like my body butter, or the dreadlock hairties, but mostly it's just straight reselling.

I got requests from other moms to sell my stuff in other countries, so I have a rep in Canada, Australia, and South Africa.I just discounted my retail price about 30 or 40 %. I also maintain their websites for them, so I had to factor in that.

I have a rep in Europe but she has her OWN website, and sells my stuff thru her company site but calls the items "snapaholics item xxx" and will be putting my logo on her page that carries the items.

She has recently had requests from salons in Europe to purchase the items from her to resell. So now we have her as an extra middle man. She has requested distributorship pricing vs the wholesale pricing I was giving her. How do I determine what this should be? What is standard? Is it standard to only do distributorship pricing for a minimum number of items? She has only asked for enough to sell to this one salon. About a dozen orders of each thing...maybe a variety of 6 things. I am very flexible as I just want the items to get well known, but I don't know how much more to take off her wholesale pricing.

Thanks for your help


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