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Default Weather forecasts

First what you receive on most websites for free is generated by the national weather service which is very inaccurate. The surfers we gave the forecasts too were blown away by our accuracy. The group driving to Florida would have been caught in a winter weather event in the mid atlantic states if they used some weather service forecast. However, due to our service, they had some flexibility in their departure time and we told them to leave 12 hrs earlier and they would miss the issues in NJ/VA area. We warned them based on leaving 12 hrs earlier they would hit some heavy rains in the Carolinas and GA. With a good possiblility of hitting sleet as they crossed into the the Carolinas. Their feedback. We couldn't believe as we crossed into NC, we heard sleet start to hit the windows- you should sell this service! Just got me thinking! In fact radio stations we have lost due because of budget cuts with thier corporate ownership, what us back. We are getting emails constantly saying how good our service is compared to many of our competitors. I know I could have a least 6 testimonials written immediately from travelers who used our forecast.

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