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Originally Posted by BeTheBest View Post
3Aces... thank you for your kind words. Sorry I didn't mention it.. but you are correct. Make a package that is UNBEATABLE freebies. You can make it a single opt-in... so they don't have to jump through hoops with verification and all that (single opt-in is still legit) and you will start to build a mailing list.

Remember... that opt in list is YOURS. I would do it. You can even make it so that they don't realize they are signing up... not trying to be underhanded... but set it up so you will send them the link to the product they want... and a download of all the freebies.

Just be sure you are putting a value on the freebies... 'regular value of $19.00 and yours free'... or something like that.

Good luck!
Okay, if single opt-in is legit, I guess I can incorporate that without scaring the prospect away.... and thanks for reminding me to put a price on the product

" You can even make it so that they don't realize they are signing up." is that not what all IM "gurus" are doing .. "not buying the product? okay I will give you think BLAH BLAH super special super secret book, just enter your email id" and then you receive emails from them till kingdom come unless of course you take the initiative to unsubscribe? lol... I guess I can do that..

Thanks for your advice.. I will put everything up and report back on the results in about a month.

Any other advice/critique is totally welcome. And please be as harsh as you wish...

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