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Everyone has done a great job of staying on topic with this thread. Thank you!

For new members, and as a reminder for all of us, here is our rule regarding the discussion of politics:
Politics: We're here to support each other in our small business endeavors, not argue about politics. The only political discussion/commentary that will be allowed will be if it is directly and specifically related to small businesses. For example, if you wish to name and discuss a specific law or pending legislation that affects small businesses, that is fine. If you mention the name of a politician or generically ask people to get the vote out because things are bad/good, your post will be edited without notice.

We are super strict about political discussions because I've seen so many other forums turn into war zones because of them. So, please don't be offended if something you post here is zapped.

In fact, if you post in this thread, just assume you are going to hate me for deleting parts of your post.

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