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Yes i saw that video. Football with these bubbles looks realy crazy ! I was mailing with this company 'funway' about injuries and safety matters. They sent me this statement. As you said there are some burns and legs injuries. On the other hand i think that bouncy castle for example is about same dangerous. The last thing i struggle is strength of materials. They said that they have some special TPU material but will it last? (eg. asphalt) I think i am going to search little bit more info.


Field Testing
Bodyzorbs have been used for over 2 years all over the world in holiday parks, schools etc in and out of Bodyzorb arenas with no reports of serious injuries or accidents
Insurers insure this proven safe activity
Estimated Accidents Per 1000 Participants
10-20 (Minor) Grazed knees, slightly hurt feet/ankles (not even sprains)
1-5 (More Serious) Sprained ankle, broken finger or similar (no reports to date), spectator getting
knocked over
The Estimate is based on conversations with the following operators
(All from different companies)
Conversations 27/01/2010 revealed that there have been no serious accidents
Angus Lancaster: Bodyzorbing
A girl was knocked over when she tried running around the moving Bodyzorbs (she was not in a Bodyzorb).
She was fine, no accident report or complaint followed)
Paul Robinson: Easy Tropicals
(Some grazed knees when used on tennis court, without knee pads)
Henrietta Reeve: TheZorbzone
(None to report)
James Taylor: Climb Vertigo
(1 girl panicked and slightly scuffed herself when trying to get out of the Zorb, no injury, a bit like a rope burn
but not as serious)
Mike Greasley: Events Operator – 07057623049
1 or 2 people hurting ankles slightly but no more than with football/general play
Estimates also based on our own operations including those at….
Bourne Leisure Haggerston Castle
Bourne Leisure Craig Tara
Bourne Leisure Goldensands
Bourne Leisure Thorpe Park
Park Resorts Sunnydale
Pontins: Brean Sands
Day in the Country - Corporate Events
Many Private Functions Events Manager
Some Other Customers that have Bodyzorbs in the UK
Ref1 ref2 Name
#8884 PARK02 Park Community School
#8879 RADC01 The Radcliffe School
#8870 ALEC01 Alec P Samson & Daughters
#8860 KNOW01 Knowsley Health & Wellbeing
#8846 clim01 Climb Vertigo
#8832 PAR01 Participation Through Sport
#8829 CPLP01 CPL Productions
#8828 CITY01 City Of Bradford Metropolitan District Council
#8825 blac01 Black Belt Aviation Systems
#8768 ZOOD01 Zoodoo Wildlife Park
#8756 MINI01 MiniSkool - Chris
#8744 ACTI01 Action Zone

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