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Failure is inevitable. In baseball, an average of 3 is considered good. In other words, you're good even if you miss 7 out 10 swings. Most of the new products brought to market by Proctor & Gamble bombs.

Here's what Ted Nicholas (Author and Business Owner) has to say about failure:

We are taught that even to fail a grade in school is a terrible thing.

Reality: To be more successful, increase your failure rate!

There can be no progress in life without what others call failure.

A child doesnít learn that he/she can be harmed by a hot stove unless he/she gets burned. If a young student takes a course, tries his/her best and fails, the course can be repeated. Nothing bad happens!

Itís the same in business.

Perhaps Iíve written more successful space ads and sales letters than anyone in the last 20 years. Here is what is less known. Iíve had 4 or 5 times more failures than successes. Thatís why to get to the successes, Iím willing to try all sorts of things that donít work. I learned to love my failures. Why? Because I learn from them! I consider my failure rate a crucial part of my or anyoneís success process.

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