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Default MAKE THEM Remember You!

There are many good ideas on this forum. Strong advice about targeting your market and setting your desired goals in advance, i.e. what you expect to accomplish by your attendance at the expo. Since you referenced your attending an Expo, not a trade show, I assume your show presentation will primarily be women from the general public.

I quickly reviewed your website and see your target clients are aspiring entrepreneurs, new and existing small businesses persons. I would develop a "showcase" campaign that would really get your booth (services) noticed.

It seems to me, many of the other companies in attendance are your potential clients, as well as the attendees from the general public. Why are the other companies there? For the same reason you are. The difference is, most of them will be focused on the general attendee while you can target both.

Every time I visit an expo or trade show, I walk away with a shopping bag of "stuff." So many items and literature, I rarely remember any of the little handouts (gifts) unless they really valuable and unique. I'm suggesting, thinking outside the box.

mktgbiz suggested magnetic business cards. My daughter, a realtor effective utilizes an effective magnetic backed handout of a 3"X5" "Quick Reference" of all local important emergency numbers, schools, and etc. Everyone in her territory has one of these little tools stuck on their refrigerator or ? It features her picture and contact info at the top. She said it's one of her strongest marketing tools. I'll bet mktgbiz could help you put one of these together. I would "target" the content to be of interest to as many attendees as possible.

But, I would want a much greater attention grabber that would:

* Make visitors remember me "BIG TIME" for a long time
* Interest them in my service offering. This means implanting the "BENEFITS" you offer them (not emphasizing just services). They don't care about your services. They want to know "What's in it for me!"

The idea is to be VERY creative, NOT spending much money. Some of these elaborate suggestions can be done with a fair amount of work and little $$. I may seem to be going overboard here, but the following suggestion are what I do.

I want to maximize my efficiency, and leverage my advertising dollars, and especially my effort. I'm willing to do a lot of work to succeed at trade shows and expo's. They can be of major benefit to a new growing company.

I'm suggesting a concentrated and well planned "marketing campaign" for this event. If you need additional help contact me and I'll fill in some of the blanks if you still have some questions. I'll give a few ideas here, and I'll bet there are others in this group that can likely add even better input.

Here's a starting point:

* What makes your company stand out over competitors. What MAJOR BENEFITS do you offer potential clients? What Niche do you serve. You target entrepreneurs. That's a BIG category, with trillions of competitors. What niche of Entrepreneurs?

For example, What if you became ultra proficient at teaching companies how to capture the attention at Trade Shows and expos? If you learned how to be outstanding in this niche, every exhibitor is a potential client, and you would likely be the only company after them. Have one niche for them and another for the show attendees.

* Make a special "Mentor" CD ONLY for show exhibitors focusing on how you can help them improve their business operations. Add a FREE TRIAL to your services (30 days or ?), a FREE Consultation on how to effectively benefit from the Expo, emphasizing what you can do for their business. Sell the BENEFITS, what you can do for them.

* Work a "Synergistic program." Synergy means we can accomplish more working together than separately. Maybe you can possibly find other exhibitors that, are not competitors, but offer both you and them the potential to promote each other. After they leave your booth, refer them to the other booth, and vice-versa.

*I didn't notice an affiliate program on your website. Companies are at these expos to sell their own goods and services. Sometimes you can find booth workers than can get excited about your program too, and would direct people directly to you after they've made their own sales pitch, especially when they have something to personally gain from it.

* Get local business to put your poster in their windows or just a stack of coupons by their register. The coupons can be attached to a free CD with your free seminar, some web content or something of perceived value to interest them. You can by a stack of 100 CD's from Sam's club fir about $25. !00 CD cardboard sleeves for about $6 on eBay. Cd labels another $12. Thatís only about $43 per hundred CDs

If you can make local small businesses, such as a bookstore, affiliates, give them coupons to hand out (free trials, membership discounts, etc.) driving people specifically to your booth. The simple coupons can be made on your computer and contain the stores affiliate no. to give them credit if someone buys from you for the next 6-12 months.

* Contact the show producers. See if there is a newsletter or "Hotsheet" that will be published and sent out in advance to exhibitors. If affordable, advertise in it since "other exhibitors" are potential clients, or see if you can secure some advertising space "within" their event advertising targeting potential attendees. Ask if you can get a mailing list of registered exhibitors since you wish to send them all a direct mail.

* Contact the event city local TV station and see if they have a LOCAL TV variety or talk TV show. Many do. Contact the show producers and offer to be a guest on their show, talking about the Expo and why you'll be there. If you can accomplish this you will receive free advertising and have some free promo materials to use on your website and future advertising campaigns. I've picked up major clients doing this.

If the event location is distant, considering doing an Internet webcam Interview. Often this is of real interest to TV shows since they get to do something new and tied into the latest Internet technology.

* Make a CD to handout containing some of your valuable web content and sales presentation. The web content can be in Acrobat PDF format. Simple to make! I offer free downloadable "special reports" at my websites, all in PDF format. Hand these out.

They cost little, have perceived value, and people tend to hold on to these items for awhile. Get local hotels and motels to give them free to guests. I print the covers on a 1200 dpi printer, put the hotel on the cover as a sponsor, to motivate them to hand them out.

Don't laugh at this next one, because I DO IT effectively.

See if the event promoters are going to have some live entertainment or free workshops. If they would like FREE live entertainment, such as a band, you could assist them in securing low cost or even free entertainers.

In exchange for your assistance, you're company can help MC this part and gain high profile exposure for your company. Sometimes these events will have live entertainment outside or during a break in seminars. If this is a possibility, email me at [email protected] and I'll show you how to put this part together.

Visit my record label at http://magnumrecords.com (I'm not selling anything here) to see examples of recording artist I've used for major events. They have opened for Tracy Lawrence, Trick Pony, Tracy Bird, Hank Williams, Jr., Lorrie Morgan, and a host of other stars. And none of them cost me a dime! The newer ones are glad to showcase for free.

FREE "Maverick Tips" Newsletter presenting "Insider Tricks of the Trade," by International Business Consultant "Maverick" aka Bob Dean Stanford http://maverickentrepreneur.com
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