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Old 31st December 2012, 10:42 AM   #1
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Default E-commerce Link Building - The Right Way


I haven't posted here in a while and I have recently started a link building campaign of my own and have been studying how to do this from professionals. I thought I'd share some helpful tips and experiences with you. I have tried outsourcing for this but it has never been successful. I want to share with you the pieces of information that I think have helped me the most.

I was watching one of Eric Ward's (Link Moses) (The Godfather Of Link Building) (He Costs $500 for a 75 minute consultation and has plans up to $7,500 for his link building) Anyway, from his Link Building Webinars ( I wish I could link to it but it's for paying users only) he gave me three pieces of information that I benefited from the most and want to share with you. (Look at that, he just got 2 links right there just for being Eric Ward.)

These strategies are for e-mail link building, meaning: You find the website that you want your link on yourself, find an email address on there website, then send a respectable link request.

1.) This one I learned from pretty much everyone since Google's panda and penguin updates came out, SEEK OUT WEBSITES THAT ARE RELATED!!! #1 Goal! PR and PA Or Alexa Rank or any other rank your 3rd party seo tools give you does not matter (ok it does a little) but if you keep your links in one related niche group, these links will last because they are supposed to be there, there is reason for them to be there and Google knows that.

2.) What websites should you target? Well regardless of your niche, there are websites out there that actually want to link to you. It's harder for ecommerce sites to successfully complete FREE link build due to the fact that people consider this free advertisement but the truth of the matter is there are websites out there that want to or should be referencing your website and others alike. If you sell gardening tools, find websites that talk about and only have content on gardening tools, websites that tell you what works & what doesn't, and if you have the items and products that work, they should be happy to give you a link. Find blogs & websites that talk about how to do gardening right, sometimes they already have referencing e-commerce gardening sites which is okay and makes the process a little easier. If they do not already have a page like this, sometimes doing some convincing works. Tell them they need a page referencing good places to buy gardening tools & in reality this page actually would make them look better in Google's AND the site users eyes by giving good references and saving the website user some time. It all sounds easy but it is a time consuming and at times frustrating process.

3.) Lastly, After you've looked at a website and decided, this website is right for me. You should seek out an email that is not a [email protected] or [email protected] [email protected] Or just an on-website email form. If you can't find another one anywhere, pick up the phone. You will reach someone who may or may not give you this information, or may or may not direct you to someone who will give this information, or EVEN BETTER, may or may not direct you to this person, PERSONALLY. If you have a decent pitch and have really thought about why your link needs to be on this persons website, talking to them on the phone may be even better than a email. If you want to do this right, you have to do what it takes to talk to the person you NEED to talk to I.E. Webmaster, Web Director, Editor, & so on. You cannot hope that an email sent to a [email protected], ect. gets forwarded to the person you need to talk to.

There are some other crucial points that I won't explain all of but if you Google search some of these terms you will find much more reading

A Good Link Building Email - Crucial! Main Thing, Compliment There Website Before You Begin Asking For A Link.

How To Find The Right Sites To Link To - Crucial Again! Main Thing, Websites Like OpenSiteExplorer Show You All Of Your Competitors Links, So You Can Get A Link On The Same Pages As They Have Already!

Twist Your Link Building E-mail To Be Your Own - You Know It, Crucial AGAIN! Main Thing, Give Each Of Your Emails A Separate Twist. Say Different Things. Most Importantly Leave Your Contact Information Such As Phone Numbers and Addresses. You Rarely Get Call Backs & It Shows People You're Not A Robot. I've gotten a few phone calls back but they lead to some surprisingly fun conversations & most importantly, A LINK!

Well I hope you enjoyed this information, good luck, & feel free to add on!

Graphic Design, SEO, & More



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Old 21st August 2013, 07:37 AM   #2
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I do find it pretty difficult to build links for e-commerce. I know it's possible, and I have been steadily seeing an increase in organic traffic, but still it is difficult.

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Old 23rd August 2013, 11:13 AM   #3
Jen 100
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I have had some success with link building through emails but have found that the type of site you're trying to get links to has a big impact on the success of the strategy.

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Old 26th August 2013, 12:15 PM   #4
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Originally Posted by Jen 100 View Post
I have had some success with link building through emails but have found that the type of site you're trying to get links to has a big impact on the success of the strategy.
Yeah, it's all about relevancy. Quality over quantity. Unfortunately, those quality sites don't just give out links to everyone (that's part of what makes their links valuable, I suppose).

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Old 9th September 2013, 09:54 PM   #5
Alan Naylor

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Some of the greatest challenges my previous ecommerce clients have faced have revolved around developing a cohesive and long-term content/link building strategy. They’ve done all the changes they can on the technical backend of the site, incorporated keywords on the site, created a crawlable internal linking structure, and have paid for PR releases, submitted directory submissions, and written the occasional blog post. Now they ask, what’s next?

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Old 12th September 2013, 02:27 PM   #6

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through emails? ONLY 1% success, because now a days everyone knows what you're trying to say and to get what benefit.

The best way is the Guest blogging on top related to your niche.

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Old 16th August 2015, 03:32 PM   #7

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I find that it's mostly the same, links, videos, bookmarking...

Red Dragon Web Media
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A. Including A Blog In Hopes Of Attracting Links

While it is hypothetically conceivable to gather joins by adding a web journal to your e-business webpage, there are various difficulties that stick this methodology.

The protest I hear regularly is that locales that offer items straightforwardly would prefer truly not to be content distributers, frequently because of an absence of assets or an absence of hobby. Including a web journal is regularly done reluctantly.

I recall the scuba webpage I once worked with, where the proprietor said, "I need to be in the water throughout the day, not writing." He had no enthusiasm for blogging himself, and he had no enthusiasm for enlisting an author on the grounds that that individual would not have his jumping mastery.

There's likewise the lesser-talked about issue of online journal advancement. You're new blog is imperceptible unless you advance it, which little organizations once in a while get it.

Adding to the website as-connection magnet test is the way that numerous e-trade online journals compose posts that end up being just amplified item audits for their own particular items. Do I truly need to peruse a 300-word blog entry about the baseball I'm purchasing for my child? It's a baseball. You toss it. Done.

What Might Work: Quit making the online journal about you-you-you. Make it about them. Who is "them"? Fascinating individuals, places, occasions, happenings, specialists and different organizations. Yes, I'm proposing you utilize your site to expound on different organizations, not you're claim. Why? Give and you might get.

Side Note: What Red Bull has finished with RedBull.tv is an incredible case of an item/brand-turned-content-distributer, however they aren't the excellent e-trade site I'm alluding to with 500 items and a shopping basket.

B. Making A Facebook Page, Then Telling Every Passing Car To Like You On Facebook

Everybody from the laundry to the smoothie shop to the pastry shop is requesting that we like them on Facebook. I'm invulnerable to it as of right now. I can't think about a solitary time I enjoyed a business' Facebook page as a consequence of being advised to do as such on a sign.

What Might Work: Don't instruct me to like your Facebook page; rather, let me know how to enter you're new challenge and win something great on your Facebook page.

C. Making High-Quality Website Content

While most immaculate play e-business destinations would prefer not to get into the profound substance creation amusement, despite everything they need to rank exceedingly. They simply don't know how. Furthermore, we all know where that is gotten us: over a million infographics about auto care (I want to be joking).

We are in the center phases of a substance creation bubble that is just going to get greater. Envision what number of a large number of dental specialists with sites are being advised by substance strategists at this time to add substance identified with precaution tooth care. That seems like an incredible thought. Of course, do we require 3.8 million articles .

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Old 18th August 2015, 12:19 AM   #9

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I find it very difficult to get backlinks from forums and blogs on related niche. Most of the times the attempt results in ban of the account and penalty on the website. Another point I would to share is that one should never try to build backlinks from websites having bad PageRank (less PR than your website).

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Old 25th August 2015, 11:15 PM   #10
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Originally Posted by Mike.Bean View Post
How To Find The Right Sites To Link To - Crucial Again! Main Thing, Websites Like OpenSiteExplorer Show You All Of Your Competitors Links, So You Can Get A Link On The Same Pages As They Have Already!
These kind of backlinks tools are not showing all the site's links and still some of them are not provided.

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