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Default 5 "secrete" Steps To Making Your Business Succeed!

Other people out there, and they can make money online... why can't you? What is their secret?

Keep reading....I am about to give you the 5 "secret"steps that you need to make money, online or off.


If you aren't sure you want to know, you may want to leave now.

Realize also that to really succeed, you need to actually APPLY the steps here. Knowing without applying it is never going to get you anywhere.

Step 1: Have a vision.

If you are reading this, you probably already have one, at least an idea of what you want.

What is it that you want?

Be honest with yourself – it may be “to have more money,” but there is probably something a bit deeper than that driving you.

Is it that you want to spend time with your family? Do you want to travel? Do you want to spend more time playing golf?

Really decide what it is that is driving you – and clarify it.

Make sure to really clarify it – you want to know the specifics. You want to have money to do whatever it is.

How much do you want to have to do it?

Get a specific number.

Step 2: Have a valuable product.

If you want to make money online, you have to have something to sell.

The quality of the product will make the difference in how many people actually buy it.

People WILL buy it, but the quality of it will determine how many give you a good word when they have it.

Another factor in this is also how much of a margin you have, how much of a profit.

If you have a great product, but make 25 cents on each $100 sale, you are never going to make it.

Step 3: Give value to the customer

This is one of the areas that a lot of people miss in their business.

When you are running a business – do NOT go up to them and just say “Buy my product.”

How often have you gone to a car lot and said “just looking” when the salesman comes to you?

Have you ever had someone come chasing you with a pitch?

What has been your response?

This leads to the good salesmen – this person will educate you about the product before ever even mentioning buying it.

A couple of weeks ago, my fiance and I were out looking at beds.

The one we have right now has a couple of broken springs, so she is always waking up with a sore back.

We stepped into the local furniture store, and were just wanting to see what was out there.

The salesman came up to us, and what he didn't say was, “what can I sell you today?”

He instead said, “Are there any questions I can answer for you?”

We talked for a while, he showed us the values of several beds, and we walked out of there having just spent almost $2,000 on a new bed.

The thing was, he started out by explaining differences to us, and letting us know the value of the different beds. (The new bed is going to be delivered on Tuesday.)

Step 4: Give the customer a call to action.

This is one of the biggest failures in the business. You may have all of the above items in line, but if you don't ask for the sale, you are going to miss it.

When I used to sell computers, I didn't do so well at first.

I sold the computers, but where I got my biggest commission was on the extended warranty.

People came in and I taught them all about the different computer types, why one was better than the others.

They would get the computer, the printer, the webcam, the software.... but they didn't get the extended warranty.

Suddenly, one day, something clicked for me.

I was watching one of the best salesmen in the store and noticed that he presented the warranty to the customer.

There was a secret though in what he was saying...

“Would you like the 2 year or the 3 year warranty?”

The point being – he was assuming the sale, and giving the choice for the customer. By assuming the customer was going to buy it, he got a LOT more sales.

When I tried doing it his way, I suddenly was making an extra $1,000 in extended warranty sales in a month.

Step 5: Give higher value than paid for.

This one is what will keep people coming back and telling their friends about you!

Make sure that when a person buys something, maybe you can give something bonus to them...

.If you bought a car and got two free oil changes, wouldn't you share that with someone else?

This doesn't mean you have to discount, or anything like that. Apple never does, they may give you free shipping, but that is about it.

If you are doing online business, this is actually pretty easy to do.

You could easily give access to training that they wouldn't have otherwise, or give an e-book or video.

An example of all of that together.

I will list out the items for where I am at, so you can see how this all comes together.

My vision:
Freedom to spend time with my fiance, as well as her family and mine... the ability to travel when and where we want, and not have to think about the amount we are spending.

In terms of dollars, this comes out to a vision of $10,000 a month. (You can set your own financial goal higher or lower, depending on your comfort level.)

My product:
I am an affiliate working with a blogging and training group that pays 100% commissions.

Commissions range from $25 to $3,000 each.

Value to the customer:
This is my blog. I write blogs to help people find success in any business. This is something I give for no charge. I am constantly adding new posts, and have a LOT of them available.

Call to action:
For my own system, the call to action is to invest $25 in your own business with me.

Give more value than paid for:
anyone who subscribes to my blog gets immediate access to a couple of ebooks I have personally written. In addition there are a couple of other special bonuses.

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Nice ,helpful post.

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It is really inspire to business. Those steps are helpful .

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