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Old 2nd January 2010, 12:27 PM   #11
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Originally Posted by CRWGraphics View Post
The most cost-effective results for mailing postcards is through multi-channel marketing and personalizing your postcards. By using variable data printing to personalize your postcards to each individual you are targeting, it increases the chances of response. You can also use multi-channel marketing and follow that postcard up with an email or personalized URL (PURL) that also can increase the response rates. Many clients see a much higher response rate when doing their direct mail marketing this way. It helps to maximize your marketing dollars being spent and you reach your potential customer in more ways than one.

Could someone break this down a bit for me to understand
personalized URL (PURL)
This mean every postcard gets it's own website?

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Old 8th January 2010, 03:30 PM   #12

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Post cards can be a ruff go! Unfortunately, you will need to send a heck a lot of cards to get a price discount at Postal. I prefer to search down specific people with needs, then send a card to each. (ive done this)

I bought cards at postal then placed message on each. Rubber stamps might help this along.

You really need a zanny good offer to get people to respond, let alone read your offers.

They might just try to figure how to get a stamp off it, where have heard that one before?


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Old 8th January 2010, 09:20 PM   #13

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Hi, yeah I agree. I think it would be really costly if you send all of those yourself. Not to mention stressful and time consuming. Best way is go get a company that offers direct mailing services. Some of these companies also provides their client a list of possible recipients based on your preferred demographics.

Good luck!

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Old 3rd March 2010, 08:58 AM   #14

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Originally Posted by Lou View Post
A PURL is a very personalized URL.
For Eg:

www.yourbusiness.com (is a URL)
www.yourbusiness.com/customername (is a PURL)

It has been found that if a postcard has been personalized with your customers name, it increases response rates.

The best part of that is you can then, on that PURL page, place a single page Personalized message or information and at the end ask them to enter their email address to verify themselves and to collect a discount or whatever your offer is. This provides you 3 things:

1. Your Customers Email Address
2. Tracking of your response rate
3. A means to determine the value of an Ad Campaign, which inturn will tell you how much you can spend on postage for your next campaign and still turn a profit.

There are a couple of pieces of software that create all those pages, a list to provide to your postcard printer, and the PURL's.

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Old 3rd March 2010, 06:33 PM   #15

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Originally Posted by JCWHong View Post
Hey everyone,

I got a postcard designed for me, and got 5000 of them created for me.

Now I need to mail them out to potential clients -- what is the most cost-effective way to get them sent out?

Honestly... The cheapest will be to find a reputable mail house to handle the mailing for you. Between the costs of setting up the permits and the headaches of meeting the postal regulations, it is cheaper to have them do it for you.

Beyond that... You need to give us a bit more detail.

What size post card? Smaller post cards are often better sent First Class Presort. The card rates for those are a great deal! Larger ones will be less expensive if they are mailed Standard Mail.

As to some of the comments in this thread about personalization, the answer is... it depends. Personalization will often (but not always) increase the response rate. The question is, does it increase the response rate by enough to offset the costs of doing the personalization. The only way to tell is to test it.

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Old 3rd March 2010, 06:47 PM   #16

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Originally Posted by chesa7 View Post
I don't have an answer to your question, but rather another question -- what is the effectiveness of mailing post cards and can it be measured?
They can be very effective, it depends on what you are trying to market.

Measurement is done a number of ways.

Common ways are:

1. By providing a specific code or ID that is used to get a discount at the time of sale.

2. Matching back your sales against the mailing list.

Both methods will result in lower numbers than the actual response. Method 2 is normally the more accurate.

As a rule of thumb a 1-1/2 to 2% response rate is the normal guesstimate. But it is just a guess and actual response can vary wildly from that number. It depends on what you are trying to market, and who you are marketing too.

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Old 4th March 2010, 04:11 AM   #17
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Yes, postcards are the most cost-effective method in direct mail. However they can produce just as good a result, as long as the offer is compelling enough and the reader is called to action.


Holborn Direct Mail - For all your Direct Mail Needs
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Old 15th March 2010, 08:04 AM   #18

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This might be slightly off topic, but measuring success by response rates is one of the biggest mistakes I see direct mailers (in fact, most marketers fall into).

Let's say you send out 100 cards, and get 5 calls. Spot on, that's 5% response. But you can't put 5% in your bank. You can't put 50% in your bank, and you can't put 0.0005% in your bank.

Now, let's say that 100 card mailing cost you $100 (including design, time, delivery, the lot). You get 5 calls, 1 becomes a customer and spends $120 - you're a winner.

You get the same 5 calls, they all buy, but they spend $99.50 between them - you lose!

Don't panic about response rates, measure the final outcome. Profit or loss on the exercise. That way, you'll know whether to send 1000 next month, or not to bother!

PTF - The Business Builder
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Old 25th March 2010, 03:42 AM   #19

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Yes, I agree postcard marketing can save lot of money. It's one of the effective tools in marketing. I think it takes a little time but it is an affordable part of a marketing program.

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Old 28th August 2010, 06:07 PM   #20

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I am going to do a mailer that is 200 pieces per week to a list of about 1800 local businesses that I have decided to go after. I will send post cards with a very direct idea of what I want. After the lists is finished I will start a new campaign with a lead-in product that will hopefully get me in the door for my main product. I will continue this pattern on this list for about 4 rounds. Then I will change list but I will come back to this list eventually and start all over again.

I think marketing is like erosion. You just have to stay in front of the customer until they finally call you. Over a long enough time line I think I could have 25-50% of the original list as my customer.

Am I off base here or do you guys think this is fairly accurate? Also every business on the list already has what I offer. But, my offer is to save them money.

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