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Old 5th June 2010, 11:13 PM   #11
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very interesting discussion going on here , i would tell you to read up on how you can optimize your webpage and test different keyword phrase ..

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Old 6th June 2010, 12:38 AM   #12
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I use to worry about the CPC a lot. After much trial and error I found that high converting keywords are worth a high CPC. The best thing you can do is test. Test a variety of keywords, ads, and landing pages. Track your conversion and then refocus your PPC campaign.

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Old 7th June 2010, 12:38 PM   #13

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The best thing for you to do is research and test(unfortunately) the best keywords that concert highly for you. But researching is paramount.

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Old 9th June 2010, 02:44 PM   #14
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Default late to this party but here is my take...

CPC is extremely important! Why because it directly relates to your profits. The more profitable you can be, them more clicks you can get, and if you have seen my past post on how to improve your converstions, then these additional clicks means more sales. Sales your competition is not getting, you are!

And to get the lowest CPC you need to have the highest Quality Score (QS). Do not, never settle for an ok QS, your leaving real money on the table.

Here is a real example on how a great QS will make you more money.

I pay on a very competitve keyword 35 cents, in my google keyword list it gives me a little error message saying "the bid amount is not high enough for the first page, and it needs to be 75 cents" (or something very close to that. My QS is 10.

BUT before I increase that bid I see the Avg Pos for that keyword is 1.5. That means I am not only on the front page page I am either number 1 or 2 every time!

My competition is paying more than double just to get on the front page in position 7. and I am in the top spot paying over 50% less for my clicks.

How do you get that QS to 10? many have already said it in this post, but the ad (especially the headling) needs the keyword your bidding on, you have to have a high Click through rate, and you should start your initial bidding high and then scale back as history is captured for your ad, then you can scale back the bid and not lose position.

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Old 9th June 2010, 07:21 PM   #15
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Uh... can I ask a question? Why are you worried about PPC when you can spend some time and optimize your site with content and come up in a better position for the organic search?

I had a quick look at your site. There isn't really a lot of content. Why aren't you publishing informaiton in 'short articles' that are about 250-500 words. Things like:
- 5 Driving tips you need to know
- How to Become a defensive driver
- Become a safe driver- Here's how
- Do you make these mistakes when driving?
- Drive like a pro when you follow these 5 tips

This list could go on and on. But this content will help your site in many different ways... including the long tail search that will not deliver as many visitors... but long tail search delivers a visitor that know what they want. When you can prove that you provide it.. they will purchase.

Hope this helps!

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Old 10th June 2010, 06:19 AM   #16
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I think that it is important to look at both CPC and conversation rate.

You can bring down the CPC through improving your quality score for your chosen keywords. You can also look for keywords that are less competitive.

As a small business be suspicious of those that claim they can achieve these goals cheaply. It costs approx 500 per month to have a managed PPC account.

Alternatively use the training provided by Google. It is excellent and will provide you everything you need to implement an excellent PPC campaign.

Next look at the conversation of those that enter the website. Set up a landing page specific for this purpose with good information, and a form for people to leave their details and you phone number.

Ultimately cost per conversation is more important than cost per click. The cheaper is it to win each new account the more new business you can get for your money.

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Old 13th August 2010, 11:00 PM   #17

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Originally Posted by ecommerceguru View Post
Logan is pretty much spot on - I echo his recommendations.

If you've had your account for years, chances are, you are not going to have someone who does not know your business, magically get you more clicks for less. It's not impossible, just not likely. I would only consider using a third party to manage CPC if you don't have the time to do it they way you want, and your margins justify it.

It's all about ROI, not just clicks. I would also look into using googles reports to find keywords that caused clicks but are not relevant. If they are expensive clicks, or if there are a lot of them for the same words, add them as negative keywords. The report I'm referring to is found on the reports tab inside Adwords, and it's called "Search Query Performance". If you've never ran it before, you might be surprised at what people type in and triggers your ad - and they click through costing you money.

Hopefully you have a reliable way to measure conversions, though I suspect as a driving school, you may get more phone calls than online sign ups.

Best of luck!

1- Optimize your ad. Google takes into consideration the history of the ad. If your ad performs well you will end up being charged less per click than a competitor with a lower ctr.

2-Optimize your landing page. If your ad is important, your landing page is equally important. Google's algo controls your CPC, but you control your landing page and conversion rate. A/B test the page, change colors, add more information, change the copy etc...I ran a successful ad this weekend. My CTR was great, but I did not put enough work on my landing page. Result= Lost leads.

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Old 15th August 2010, 01:15 AM   #18

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Organic SEM and CPC SEM are equally as important.

One of the most important things you can do as a business owner is focus on saturation. And I don't mean keyword saturation. I'm referring to saturation of marketing techniques.

You need to be able to hit your target audiences from multiple avenues at once and continue to reach them as often as possible, as you never know when they might be in need of your products and/or services.

That said, the best way to lower your CPC is to focus on more streamlined keyword combinations. Think like your client would think.

For example, if I own a website design firm in say, Dallas, Texas, I wouldn't want to run a CPC campaign based solely on "web design"

In fact, I would much rather target my keyword combinations to where they not only focus on my location, but they focus on my particular niche in the industry as well. You can also prequalify your leads even further, as someone searching for "website design dallas" may only be searching for examples of other websites in the area. Instead, something along the lines of "hire website design company dallas" could prove more worthwhile in the long run. While you may see less impressions, the goal is to make sure the impressions that DO occur turn into clicks, which turn into leads, which turn into clients, which turn into lasting business relationships.

Good luck!

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Old 23rd August 2010, 11:24 AM   #19
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If you want to decrease your CPCs, you need to improve your quality score for the keywords in your ad groups. There are lots of ways to do this. Quality score is not JUST based on CTR. It's based on several other factors.

Having a high quality score means your ad will be shown in higher positions for lower CPC costs. In other words you could be paying $5/click for the #1 spot when your competitor has to pay $7 per click just to have #3 position... just because the quality score for the keyword in your ad group that Google is matching the search phrase with is much higher than the quality score for the keyword phrase and ad group to which Google is matching that search phrase for your competitors.

How relevant your ad is to the keyword phrases in the ad group affects the quality score of those keyword phrases. In other words, does that keyword in the ad group appear in the title of the ad? the text of the ad? the display URL of the ad. Having ads that are very relevant to the search phrase can also drastically increase (double, triple, quadruple, or more) the CTR for a particular keyword phrase in an ad group.

How relevant your landing page is to the keyword phrase in the ad group affects the quality score of those keyword phrases. Does that keyword phrases from the ad group appear in the <title> of the landing page? in the <h1> of the landing page? in the <h2>s of the landing page? In the content of the landing page? etc.

Optimizing your ad groups themselves can increase the quality score of your keyword phrases and reduce CPCs. For example, say I have a loan related site and my ad group has an ad like:

Get a mortgage today
Call today to get a free quote.
We offer mortgages in 50 states.
Assume also that my ad group for the above ad has the following base keyword phrases in it (forget about for now whether exact, phrase, or broad match):

home loan
home loan refinance
fha loan
fha mortgage
fha refinance
fha home loan
va loan
va mortgage
va refinance
va home loan

I can almost guarantee that the phrases "mortgage", "fha mortgage", and "va mortgage" will have a higher quality score and likely a better CTR than the others because the word "mortgage" appears both in the ad title and the keyword phrases. Its more relevant to those search phrases. And because of that people are generally more likely to click on it for those search phrases since Google will BOLD the occurences of those keywords in the ad to draw attention to it.

You could improve the quality scores of the other phrases by putting them in separate ad groups. Perhaps you would group the refinance related terms as follows:

Best Refinance Rates
Refinance your home today!
Get a free refinance quote.
with the following keywords in the ad group:

home loan refinance
fha refinance
va refinance

You could further break the above refnance ad group down into a "home loan refinance" ad group, a "fha refinance" ad group, and "va refinance" ad group and have even more specific ads like:

Home Loan Refinance
Refinance Your Home Loan & Save!
Get a Home Refinance Quote Free.
with keywords like:

home refinance
home loan refinance
refinance home
refinance home loan

The more granular you get, the more relevant your ads and landing pages can be, the higher your CTR will generally be, the higher your quality scores will be, and the lower your CPCs will be.

But how granular you get depends on how much time/effort you want to spend managing the ads. The more ad groups you create, the harder it is typically to manage because you will likely want to always be A/B test ads for each of your ad groups as well as A/B testing landing pages for each. So you have to weigh the benefits of the lower CPCs from having higher quality scores with the additional efforts required to manage them.

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Old 30th August 2010, 01:02 PM   #20
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I am always weary of people saying they're going to charge you basically nothing for something that is not so easy to do. There are a lot of scammers out there who will take your money and get you nowhere

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