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Old 12th July 2005, 09:04 AM   #1

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Default Help I have started a home business but no clients

I have open up a freelance photography business and I also have a web page . I have got 113 hits on my web page but still no business , I have put out flyers and business card until I am blue in the face and about to give up on it it has been about 4 months now and still no business. Here is my link: tigermoonphotography.com Tell me what is wrong with it .

Thanks ,

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Old 12th July 2005, 11:12 AM   #2
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Welcome to the forum!

First your "enter here" link isn't a link so I can't enter your website.

Secondly, you don't give me any reason to enter the website, just a nice picture. Maybe you should tell me why I need a freelance photographer.

Thirdly, are you advertising your website on local webpages?

Lastly, go back to whatever made you start your business in the first place. I assume you took pictures for other people and received a good response. Go to those people and let them know you have started a business. Ask them for any referrals and make them a special offer for their first purchase.


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Old 12th July 2005, 12:16 PM   #3
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Remove the counter on the website. It only shows that you're new!

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Old 12th July 2005, 03:14 PM   #4
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You're a photography service but if I don't take the time to read all your text I might just think you are just selling photos since there are a lot of sites that do just that.

While your content covers the messages you want to say, it is edge to edge text with no bullets or change in type style to emphasize any particular points. The dark blue background with orange text also discourages one from wanting to read all that text. Since you are providing a service you can easily show examples of, you should. The photo gallery you have is not of pictures of the type you are offering.

I would classify your site as a brochure site, not a sales pitch site so it is not motivating a instant buy. Of the 113, many probably came to your site as a result of your flyers but may not have been in the market for a photographer at the time.

If you follow some the suggestions made here by the other posters and keep working at improving your site and maybe your flyer as well, you will eventually start to see results. Hang in there, work at it.

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Old 13th July 2005, 09:22 PM   #5

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Default Site could be better

I have to agree with the above posts.

I took a quick look at your site and would make 1 humble recommendation:

A successful business has just as much to do with IMAGE (or perception) as it does with Quality Products and Services. Think about it... if 2 retail stores were side by side and sold the same thing at the same price, which one would you go into?

You have the content, link structure, products, etc... so all you really need to do is work on your "Corporate Image."

I would also suggest you do the following if you, for some reason, are in denial:

1) Add a Comments Box on your site, and see what people say... what they like and dislike. *not sure too many would fill it out though... sometimes it is good to give them some kind of incentive.
2) View some web statistics to find out how they got to your site, and how long they spend on EACH page. You will know very quickly whether people want to be on your site or not by finding out how many pages they visit, and or which pages they exit your site from.

Good luck! Lots of web developers/designers provide free or low cost critiques that may help.

Bottom line, for me anyway, is work on your corporate image and branding. Raising brand awareness and making a name for yourself only happens if marketing and advertising are a key part of your business strategy and execution.

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Old 14th July 2005, 05:53 AM   #6

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As an advertisement for your business I personally wouldnt rate your site very highly. Many of the other posters comments I have to admit I agree with.

Below would be my comments on the site:

1) Remove the hits counter - it doesnt give any benefit to people who go to the site and only shows them that you are a new business

2) The layout/style of the pages imo could do with reworking. Firstly you are selling a service which requires a good amount of artistry but the look of your site does not demonstrate that you have a good flare for the creative. Secondly the lack of structure does come across as unprofessional/ something someone without experience has knocked up at home. I know there have been other posts on here about a site looking too slick but I have never viewed this as a problem (though a site can look to impersonal which I see as a seperate issue)

3) I personally didnt like the comment "Here are a few ideas we have come up with" - again it smacks of new business rather than this is what we can do for you or this is what we have done for others. Whilst you have some potentially good/novel ideas of what you can photo it does lack structure and I started questioning - when does anyone have a pro photographer photo a picnic in the park or why would I want a pro photographer to take a picture of scenery? I would group the ideas and put the common portrate/coporate ones at the top and have a selection of novel ideas nearer the bottom. Also for the more unusual ones I would give a senareo and then give your services as a solution

4) I am certainly not questioning your photography ability but felt the Gallery contained an unusual selection of photos. I am not an expert in your industry but would imagine the majority of work would either be things like weddings, portraits or pictures taken for corporate brouchers - if these are the most common type (or what ever is) then these should make up the majority of the examples. It is fine to have a couple of photos which are just artistically/technically exceptional (possibly something like the sky picture) but if you want someone to photo your wedding a picture of the sky doesnt help you imagine how good a job you will do of their 'special day' but a stunning set picture of another wedding will.

5) It is always worth doing probono work initially to get the photos for the above and for what I imagine the big ticket work will be (eg weddings) word of mouth advertisement is invaluable. It may be worth putting a comments/ feedback box on the site (which only goes to you rather than being posted on the site for others to read) and possibly offer your services to the first 10 free of charge

Best of luck with your venture

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