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Default How To Choose A Good Online MLM Or Network Marketing Program

Here is some information on what to look for if you are considering a MLM/network marketing program.

"You've heard many horror stories about MLM /network marketing programs. But what you are really hearing about are stories relating to illegal programs or pyramid schemes. Basically, pyramid schemes have no real, viable and worthy product. Obviously, you do not want to participate in such schemes. You want to be associated with a high quality product that you will readily endorse."

Catch it @ http://www.smallbusinessbrief.com/ar...as/001604.html

Have any of you tried the MLM/networking programs? What are your experiences?

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Red face A new start in MLM after 8 1/2 yrs.

I agree that MLM is the best industry to be in. However, just like a JOB, it can have problems. But that doesn't mean the industry is flawed-it's greedy people. Listen to my experience.

A New Start After 8 Years

After giving 8 1/2 years of our lives to one company, we found it necessary to start a very diligent search for a new company home. Let me tell you what lead up to this painful decision and a dramatic change in our lives.

We have only been in one MLM company, thinking that we had found a place to call home. As a result of our conversation with the owners of the company (when we were checking it out to see if it was legitimate), we made a commitment to this company. The founders of the company told us, that we were all family and that the company would always be ours.

We believed this with all our heart. When we got back home and for over 8 1/2 yrs., we told this story to all our friends as well as the new people that we recommended this company to. We got rid of a high stress business that we owned and started to live off our earnings from recommending this company and its' products.

The most important part of our lives however, is our spiritual values and our christian ministry. The income made from this company enabled us to pursue the christian ministry even more. Christian values and integrity are so important to us to manifest and live by each and every day.

In the last several years we have noticed a change in the people that we thought we knew.

Company policies began to change in favor of the big hitters coming in from other companies. These big hitters quickly reached the top in rank and income. We began to question why and how?

It seemed like that the only people that the company cared about were these new big hitters, the people who made the most money for the company. People like ourselves, who worked hard, but not hard enough in the companies' eyes were no longer shown any appreciation.

It began to look like we were expected to work 24/7 for the company, in order to make money for them. The Founder of the company even verbally labeled our team-from the Crown Diamond down, as lazy.

We have noticed that the customer service policy and procedures started to change and became more difficult to follow. Each month it seemed we lost as many members as we put in. And the majority of time it was due to the company making a mistake like double charging or sending wrong stuff or even sending it twice. We were constantly putting out fires.

In order to build our business we found it vital to produce our own literature for everyone to use. We even made a free prospecting & training website for everyone in the company to use, no matter whose downline you were in.

Others who had experience in the industry recommended that we start to look for a Plan B, in case this company failed. Even today there is a rumor going around that this company is about to go retail & get rid of all it's distributors.

In an apparent desperation move, the company hired a professional to clean house, both from within the company and in the field. In the last 1 years more drastic changes have occurred.

Now the company is dictating policy regardless of how it affects distributors in the field. Company profits and image are now the most important company vision.

The company has cut off most communication with the members in the field. They used to keep leaders informed about upcoming changes or even listen to recommendations for solutions from the field. That drastically changed. Now because of a lack of communication with the field, rumors are flying about this company's future.We did our best to reassure the members and put a positive spin on things despite our misgivings.

But, despite our efforts, we finally reached a point of no return in August of 2004.

The founder of the company personally asked me to work with a new consultant and a third party advertising publisher to produce new literature and marketing materials. I agreed to do so, spending 100’s our hours and a great deal of resources to do this, so that it could be ready for August's annual company convention.

I even did the final edit in the company's place, since the company had to be an arms length away to get from getting in trouble legally. This resulted in me spending less time in building my own business, but since it was for the benefit of the whole company, I agreed to do so. I was told by the consultant that he would recommend to the company that we received a very nice overseas vacation. That would be my "Thank-you".

At the convention in August, there was much anticipation for a great convention. But this event was to be different than all others. Gone was the family spirit, gone was the company and members alliance, gone was the "Thank you" to the members for their loyalty. The only ones rewarded was the big money earners for the company.

Instead was a new company, with a very evident new policy. The attitude was "We own the company, If you don’t like it leave." We honestly felt like the company no longer cared about us or the new people we had at the convention. Or even the people whose homes were being destroyed by a hurricane in Florida, while they were at the convention.

When we received no recognition for my hard work, from the company, my heart dropped. I knew that this was no longer a home for Julie and I. I could no longer promote these people that I once believed in. Things changed so much in the family spirit, the compensation plan and now we began to question the actual products.

Had we been victims of a lie from day one, or when did the intent and change really take place? We still do not know and probably never will.

From this point on we knew we had to find a new home. Since we had given up our secular jobs seven years before, we came under great stress. How would we pay our bills? We knew network marketing worked and we wanted to stay in this industry. But, would it be possible to find a company with integrity? A company that we could once again put faith in? A company that actually cared about the members and wanted to see them succeed? A company that actually rewarded the hard workers?

Then I received a plea from a young man that I had met 2 years ago to check out a company called "Forever Green". However, I did not take him seriously since he had been in several companies and had never achieved my level of success. Since we had kept bumping into each other at trade shows and gotten to know each other pretty well, I knew that he was very into healthy organic products.

So when he begged me to fly out the Utah on my dime and check out this Forever Green and it's products, I knew I had no choice, even though, I had just got back from visiting and consulting with another company the week before.

When I arrived at Forever Green, I was amazed at what I saw! The company executives & personnel were all healthy looking, The founder Ron Williams gave me a personal tour. The people I met were truly in love with what they were doing. What a change in spirit and attitudes! I showed up during a normal work week, yet everyone was happy and practicing what they were preaching-"health is achieved through kindness". Even their eating habits reflected that they were health conscience individuals.

I also noticed that several departments heads had many years of experience in billion dollar MLM companies. I was really impressed to learn that the President of the company had been a distributor himself at one time. So he knew what it was like.

I saw a company with a real vision that was working. Forever Green's vision is to come from a place of abundance and to give back to the community. They care about making the world a better place. I knew that I had found a new home.

What about the marketing and compensation plan?

The plan is simple and duplicatible. It pays you to help others build their business. Get 3 help 3 get 3.

Forever Green rewards those that actually work, not the slackers just trying to get by on someone's hard work. They reward the actions that they want you to perform. So there is no special strategy needed to play the game in order to be successful.

It is so nice to receive weekly as well as monthly checks as a result of these different bonuses.

The marketing materials are very professional and already in place. All the full color PDF's, videos and audios are free online. No need to produce your own.

May 7-14, 2005, Julie and I were invited on a cruise with about 20 Forever Green members. There we learned that we were not they only ones finding a new home. Each person on the cruise had their own story to tell of why they were with Forever Green and most of them were big players in their former companies.One member said that in their past company, everyday was a nightmare but now everyday is paradise.

Early in the morning of the day we left for the cruise, we found out that our former company had suspended us and kept our monthly checks. Remember, that was our source of income. We should of have recieved those checks while we were gone, with monthly bills awaitng payment as soon as we returned.

We also learned that others had left the same previous company that we were in and now were fully devoted to Forever Green. Forever Green seems to be the haven for people looking for a genuine company full of integrity and that cares about others.

The success of this company is becoming very evident. Forever Green has grown 91% in the first 4 months of 2005. You should take a look at my list of we like this company so much by clicking here.

There is no turning back for us. We live by integrity. We will never give it up for money or anything else.
You can read my wif's opinion at thenaturallife.com/JM.htm

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