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Old 5th September 2006, 06:49 PM   #1

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Lightbulb Yet Another "What Type of Business Should I Start" Post ;)


I' am new here. I just visited this forum for the first time today.

Here is a little about me:
I am a SAHM w/2 kids, Married, 27 years old. I have an auto-immune disease and currently disabled. I am very computer literate.

My husband & I have been wanting to start some kind of business for a few years now, but then my health took a turn and I am just now getting back on my feet literally.

We wanted to start something for me to do during the day and that he can help with when he gets off work, he would have to keep his day job, as I need the company's health insurnace as my meds run into $5000+ a month and with his insurance from work it only runs us co-pays and premiums a month.

We were talking about making it a family business. Something that anyone in our family can do. Like my sister-in-law, father-in-law, or someone else from the family who needs extra money for some reason. Like they could work as an employee or just to help me out on my bad days.

My husband & I have a lot of things we like and enjoy, but I am not sure if they are the typical likes & enjoys of people with 2 kids and closing in on being 30 years old.

We both like toys a great deal. We both have a thing for buying toys and selling them on eBay. We both like to collect things, but not expensive things more towards the toys aspect.

I can create & build websites. I run a few websites for my brother. I would love to do computer repair. Computers are my life. I have always wanted to do something with computers every since I found out at the age 8 that animals did not like me, so that ruled out being a vet

Some of my ideas:

I have thought about starting a toy store, because the only thing we have around this neck of the woods is a Wally World and anything other than that for toys is like an hour away. We live in a VERY small town, with small cities around us, and the larger cities are like 60 miles away.

I have thought about opening a place where people can come and take classes to learn how to operate their computers and some of the programs their computers come with, but yet again I have no idea if there is a market for that in this small town nor the cities around us.

Any ideas would be helpful. I am not much on thinking of what to start up.

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Old 5th September 2006, 08:28 PM   #2
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Well, obviously, you need to start something you'd love doing.

Say, you want to open a toys business.
Would you only have a website and ship only on demand from the manufacturer or you'll have a retail store with a warehouse as well?

It'd be more economically correct not to store your products on your own.

But then again, you may want to see if it is economically feasible to start a toy business in your town. If you open a retail store, would your store be definitely better in something than the other ones?

Even if you get customers, would you be able to live on your income and cover the investment costs?

A good business plan is required, IMHO, before you start anything.
I'd suggest doing business plans for every business idea you think of.

As for family business, see if you two can equally cooperate in the business.
Do you both like toys? Do you both like computers equally?

Generally, you can launch a site that would list toys that are sold on different retail stores over the country (affiliate site). It probably won't need a lot of investment (except time) and may bring some sales. It's your decision, though.

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Old 6th September 2006, 01:48 AM   #3
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What about some kind of online training service for entrepreneurs, for other SAHMs, for immigrants ... just throwing some ideas out there!

It is truly amazing what you can achieve over the cable/phone lines these days if you have some business savvy and a solid plan in place. There are all kinds of collaborative technologies available now that would permit you to work with and teach others.


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Old 6th September 2006, 08:36 AM   #4
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I agree with Karri. I wouldn't move from where you sit if I had to do it all over again. as a matter of fact I am working on accomplishing that as you'll notice by my links in my sig. Not trying to get you to purchase anythong from me, just letting you know that I am trying to do it online as much as possible.

Here's how you solve your problem. FOCUS

I'll tell you my little story and then you use it to help you and yours.

I sell custom imprinted promotional items for a living. Anything from shoelaces to calendars to chocolate I sell with a logo on it. With millions of items for people to choose from I decided to focus on selling just one - The Javelin Pen. I knew if I sold a csutomer one custom imprinted item, they will probably buy other things as well.

So here's the focus part. I sat and thought of ways to market and sell just one item. The Javelin Pen. I bought the domain name. I put some links out there. I just ordered full-color business cards off ebay for The Javelin Pens. I have also done other things for Internet promotion and am continuing to do so because I am focused on selling one item NOW and hoping the other things will fall into place later.

So, take your thoughts listed above, write them down on a piece of paper and determine which of them you like the most and focus on marketing and selling it. Really focus.

You have ideas. Just pick one. Then focus.

We'll be here if you need us!!!


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Old 6th September 2006, 08:42 AM   #5

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i recently dipped my toe into providing training services online. the challenge i think there is finding clients interested in your niche - and you need a niche that is valued - but it has worked out well and i've enjoyed it. I do it based on a retainer that is applied towards an hourly rate. We schedule things based on each others schedules and its all done via chat w/ archives of the sessions for review. i'm in the us they are in spain. suprises even me a bit, but it is without doubt feasible.

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Old 13th September 2006, 12:10 PM   #6

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Default open a toy store


I think your idea of a toy store is really good. I don't know about your town but what if you added a book corner in the store where kids and parents can participate in telling stories, organizing indoor games or coloring corner! It could just add novelty to your store.

You can always use the internet to promote your toy store.

But you need to study your market and be sure about making an investment.

Best wishes in whatever you do!

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