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Old 31st March 2010, 06:15 AM   #1
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Default Why Is Everyone An SEO?


I need a little rant, I am getting very frustrated with some of the people I am meeting - majority of people in the web design area all market themselves as SEOs, yet I look at their website and think "well where is it then" - their title tags are not constructed properly and their link navigation is practically zero, yet here they are saying "I can do SEO".

I have even had someone tell me recently that keyword research looks simplistic! Perhaps it is but finding the right keywords to target is not an easy task in my opinion. Target the wrong words without knowing and the end result is zero sales and zero ranks.

It winds me up when I have spent a few years learning my trade so I can offer professional services to my clients to have a newbie come along and pretend that it is all easy.

I have met others who have like 50+ websites all with adsense and these are supposed to be business websites and they try to tell me they are earning anything from 10$ to $20 a day - I don´t see how, the keywords being targeted are low traffic and worth 0 so therefore not enough people to come and click the ads!

So, why do people pretend to be SEOs and does it annoy you, the professional? Or is it just me who has a rant every now and then.

I mean, so what, let them make the mistakes but it is the customers I feel sorry for, they get lead down the wrong path, spend a ton of money and wonder why they are not selling anything!

Right, ranting over and thanks for listening. I will be interested in the replies


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Old 31st March 2010, 10:47 AM   #2
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It winds me up when I have spent a few years learning my trade so I can offer professional services to my clients to have a newbie come along and pretend that it is all easy.
Whaaat?? Years??? I figured spending 15 to 20 minutes reading the latest "Get Rich Offering SEO Services In Your Underwear!" ebook was all that was needed. (end sarcasm)

Originally Posted by Nutty View Post
I mean, so what, let them make the mistakes but it is the customers I feel sorry for, they get lead down the wrong path, spend a ton of money and wonder why they are not selling anything!
That's the sad part and it happens far too often. It's also why it is essential for business owners to invest the time in thoroughly investigating anyone offering SEO services. And, I'd recommend business owners take the time to gain at least a basic understanding of what SEO is before hiring someone. This will aid in having realistic expectations of the results you should see and the time it will take. SEO is an ongoing investment and a bit of due diligence can help make the difference between getting burned and getting bottom line results for your investment.

You need to rant more often, Simone.

P.S. - I'm not an SEO. I've just seen too many cases of people throwing away money simply because someone claimed to know what they were doing.

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Old 1st April 2010, 01:17 AM   #3
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I agree. But then again, think about it. The world is full of people that will tell you what YOU CAN'T DO. Ha!

I am not what I would consider professional SEO. I do not hire myself out for that. However, when clients come to us for websites, we will offer them SEO package. I have got several sites onto the first page of Google. So when I hear all the bull, I just keep going.

As far as I know, I know that what I do get's my clients where they like it. So why would I worry about goofs. Forget them. Just keep your nose down and keep chuggin'. You will be fine!

on edit...
Forgot to mention it. I think Robert's right. 15 minutes of a good book should do it, no?

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Old 2nd April 2010, 01:10 PM   #4

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Default Not as bad as social media expert

I agree with you 100%, but you do not have it as bad as others. These days everyone is a social media strategist. Next time someone claims such a thing ask "Name one keyword you own across the major SEs?"

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Old 4th April 2010, 02:50 PM   #5
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Ha, ha, well ranted

The leading Danish SEO 'expert' (he sells his books for around $300) says that article marketing is bad, and a couple a years ago, I had an argument with him, because he said it was enough to 'optimize' a homepage for Internet Explorer. (He's deleted that threat, unfortunately.)

But people bow down to him and find him oh so fantastic.

Well, I don't get it, but then again... I'm no SEO expert ;-)

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Old 4th April 2010, 10:14 PM   #6

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I'll give it to you...that was a pretty good rant and I actually agree with most of it. Who doesn't think they are an SEO genius...?? I know I am...

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Old 5th April 2010, 09:42 PM   #7
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Well, everyone can claim to be SEO experts, but they gotta show results or track records. Search engine rankings doesn't lie.

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Old 6th April 2010, 09:58 AM   #8

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Default Everyday, I get emails...

I get emails forwarded to me by clients...

emails from people offering to do SEO ...
emails send from gmail addresses ...

claiming they have 250 people(sic) working in their office...

250 people, but no company name anywhere in the email...
no .com domain name even ?

and where did you find my client's email address?
- On the first page of Google of course!

So I have a form letter I send them.
"Please, I desperately need SEO Services !" Send me full details.
( And I send this from my company email address.) -

Never heard back from any of them .. ever!


Great Rant!
SEO services is now the scam of the day.
But for any scam to work, there need be gullible people to buy it!
Apparently there are!

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Old 20th April 2010, 01:25 PM   #9

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Default Why is everyone a SEO? Because they can be and are but................

Everyone and anyone can do SEO but it's the results that matter and most folks just have to learn the hard way via failure. Some can afford failure most can not. Also, the www is full of SEO guru's, or so they think, so how does the 'not do wise' company find the real SEO product, company or real guru? It is virtually impossible other than by trial and error, remember 'not so wise' company's just do not know where to start looking and if they do find their SEO, they have NO idea what they are talking about and generally go a long and failure will teach them or otherwise. Personally, I wished there was an easier way to simply put SEO on the market for all to find success and all the hard luck crap tales we hear, had not have happened. Me, if I am sick, I go the doctor, any doctor, and I am fixed. If my web site is sick, you may end up going to 50 SEO doctors and you may still be looking for the 51st SEO doctor, unless of course you and your web site are dead. Most likely. I have been though all of this for 8 years and my advice is simple. Read and study all you can about SEO and without question you need a profession SEO to MAXIMIZE your web sites optimal financial return, there is no other way to achieve this. If you think you can do better than a profession qualified SEO, you are fooling yourself. However, we are know they are a lots of fools on the www. Andrew

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Old 20th April 2010, 01:55 PM   #10

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Default it's not hard it just takes time

I have been 'optimizing' for google returns for about 8 years, i get paid for putting business on page 1-3 so i guess i'm a pro. But please never call me a guru... i grew out of the hippie phase. The only time it's 'hard' to get on page 1 is if it's a huge query... like, "news" or "new car", "free website'. Etc. If you're trying to rank well in locally pointed queries like... remodeling ma, or carpentry ma... it's a little easier. But, you need to have a lot of text on your website that says 'remodeling ma'.

BeTheBest said: "I am not what I would consider professional SEO. I do not hire myself out for that. However, when clients come to us for websites, we will offer them SEO package. I have got several sites onto the first page of Google. So when I hear all the bull, I just keep going.'

Yeah. The only way to get anywhere online is to do it in the real world too. You build a proper website and it's going to be ranked by google. Use the w3 validator, make sure you're section 508 compliant... build a little social network and you're going to get hits.

Keep your chin up nutty!

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